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Book Chapters
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Selected Competitive Papers in Conference Proceedings
Chu, T. H. & Yeo, T. E. D. (2018). Rethinking Social Media and Political Engagement: An Examination of the Disconnective Practices of Politically Active Youths in Hong Kong. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Social Media & Society, New York, NY: ACM. [43.0% acceptance rate]  
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Recent Conference Presentations
Yeo, T. E. D. (2019, May). Resisting the Denial of One’s Suffering: How Young People Give Voice to Their Mental Health Disruption in Anonymous Social Media Distress Narratives. Paper presented at International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference, Washington, DC.

Yeo, T. E. D. (2018, December). Silent Cries for Help in Facebook: Examining the Intimate Voices of Troubled Youths Through Their Anonymous Distress Disclosure on Social Media. Paper presented at the fourth Digital Intimacies symposium, Perth, Australia. 

Yeo, T. E. D. (2018, December). Negotiating the Boundaries of Contention: Moral Edgework Among Young Participants of a Large Scale Direct Action in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the 20th Annual Conference of Hong Kong Sociological Association, Hong Kong.

Yeo, T. E. D. (2010). The Psychology of Social Media. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, University of Cambridge.  
Yeo, T. E. D. (2005). Bringing the Red Ribbon Online: An Alternative Public Sphere for HIV/AIDS Activism in Singapore? Unpublished Master’s thesis. Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge. 
Yeo, T. E. D. (2003). From Silicon to Genes: Singapore’s Challenge in the Creative Economy. Unpublished Honours thesis. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore. 

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